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Smashers Badminton Academy

Aiming to provide world class badminton facilities and create the biggest badminton community in UAE

Our Coaches

We have a team of very experienced and well known coaches from Indonesia and India.


Jefry Yanuary

Country: Indonesia
Speciality: Jump smash, trick shots and most-loved coach in Dubai

Our champion is truly one of its kind, a very effective coach and a true friend that will not only build your/your kid’s skills but also make you/your kids fall in love with the game. We often notice kids losing interest, so Jefry believes in love of the game first. He has produced some very good players and has a knack to pick up strong points of his students. His coaching style includes discipline, technique and fitness.

He has about 15 years of coaching experience and many of his students are BWF rated players

  • 2007-2009 : Asst coach, Ivana Badminton School Jakarta
  • 2010-2014 : Coach, Ivana Badminton School Bandung
  • 2014-2018 : Head coach, Pro Badminton Academy Malaysia
  • 2018-2021 : Head coach, NSNL Badminton Academy Dubai

Akbar Batsha

Country: India
Speciality: Backhand smash, trick shots and most popular figure in badminton courts in UAE

Akbar is one of the most observant coaches. He will track all your shots and forms and give you the feedback on improving your technique. Wrong form results in injuries and he can help you play and enjoy for a long time. He reads the game well and makes sure, whether it's you or your kid, that you understand the reason behind the shots as well. His coaching style includes form improvement, technique and shot selection.

He has about 8 years of coaching experience in India and UAE